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‘The wordkeeper was taken; abducted right under my nose. 

That left my final hope, the new wordkeeper.’

About The Wordkeepers

Carefree, privileged Anya’s life is thrown into turmoil when her mother is kidnapped, passing on the mantle of wordkeeper to her. Anya's only ally for this task is a cursed immortal warrior. 

In another part of the country, village boy Bilal resolutely disbelieves tales about a prophecy claiming he is a messiah - until the day he has to leave his idyllic life behind and go into hiding when his friend is killed in a case of mistaken identity. 

Both Anya and Bilal need to find each other so they can join forces to overthrow their common enemy, the vengeful god who relentlessly pursues them. Will they succeed?

What do you do when a god is desperate to cling on to power - and you're in the way?


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